Sunday Service Announcements

January 29 at 10:30am

"Saving Our Future, Sustaining Our Covenant"

Speakers:  Rev. Antonia Won with UUFCO member, Michael Carr

A prophecy is a vision of the future. As people of faith, we hold a vision of a better world grounded in liberal values. We seek to realize it through our UUFCO covenant and mission. What does this require of us? How committed are we individuals to our collective vision? What does stewardship really mean? As we launch our annual stewardship initiative, join Rev. Antonia and Michael Carr in exploring the connections between generosity, commitment and hope.


January 22 at 10:30am

"The Only Problem to Solve"

Rev. Cat Cox, Guest Speaker

Whatever challenges exist in our families, community life and the larger world, there is really only one problem to solve: the problem of how we solve problems! Discover the spiritually grounded, covenant-based way of working with different perspectives and strong feelings that opens up solutions that strengthen and unify a community.

Rev. Cat Cox is a UU minister and a consultant to UUFCO leadership

January 15 at 10:30am

It's Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, one week before we usher in a new era in the not-so United States. This month's theme is 'prophecy.' Despite a long history of racism, somehow the US has avoided its own version of Al Qaeda. What might the lives of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X teach us about disenfranchisement and fundamentalism as we look to the future? What is a prophetic response to extremism?


Sunday, January 8 at 10:30am:

"Lessons from the Camino"
Lay-led by Grace Kennedy, Wendy Howard, Bob Barber, Max Merrill

The Camino is a collection of sacred pilgrimage routes through France, Spain and Portugal.   What meaning could this walk have for us today?  Join four UUFCO members who walked part of the Camino through Portugal and Spain. How were they changed or were they changed?  How many lessons learned in walking translate into a spiritual practice for all of us?  

Join us for Carols and Candlelight on Christmas Eve!

Saturday, December 24 at 5:00pm & 7:00pm

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Sunday, December 25 at 10:30am:

"Pregnant Pause:  What Are You Birthing?"

The week between Christmas and New Year's Day provides a window of pause: the holidays behind, the new year ahead. Let's enjoy this pause together in a slightly more casual service, and explore where our growing edges may be in the coming months. This isn't about making New Year's resolutions, but rather discerning where our own growth and evolution are moving in us.


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