Sunday Service Announcements

Sunday July 10 at 10:30 am:

"Stewardship - It's More Than Money"

~ Lay Speaker:  Greg Byrne

There are many dimensions to stewardship. Listen to one member’s personal view, developed over many years of reflection.  Stewardship in three acts, with a short quiz. Don’t worry: Answers provided.

Sunday July 17 at 10:30 am:

"Why is it so Expensive to be Poor"

~ Lay Speaker:  John Horwich

We’re all at least generally familiar with the statistics and trends regarding the escalating inequality of income, wealth and opportunity in the U.S..  The gap between rich and poor is ever-widening, and the proportion of the population living in poverty is increasing, even as the economy continues to grow.  But, many of us are sadly unaware of just how expensive it is to be poor.  As the poor work to climb out of poverty, the ladder they have to use has rungs that are 6 feet apart.  Let’s reflect this morning on this circumstance, which makes the American Dream a cruel mirage for so many, and consider what we can do to balance the scale of inequality.

For the full text, download the attachment (PDF) below:

Sunday, July 24:


~ Guest Speaker:  Richard Groves

There is an emerging spirituality today that transcends particular belief systems.  What it has in common is a deemphasis on dogma and belief and in its place focuses on personal experience and practice.  It is the difference between mere knowledge 'about' faithand the kind of Wisdom that Mystics of all Traditions describe.  This presentation will encourage and challenge seekers to name their experience of wisdom.  The outcome can be profoundly transformative-- and create a newbasis for social justice in our time.

Richard Groves is the Founding Director of the Sacred Art of Living Center in Bend.

Sunday July 3 at 10:30 am:

"In Celebration of Music"

~ Lay Speakers:  Virlene Arnold and Mark Hickman

Mark Hickman, UUFCO Board President, and Virlene Arnold, UUFCO Music Director, will share reflections on how music has fed and nourished their spirits.  A special treat will be music by Justin Roth, nationally-known singer/songwriter and fingerstyle acoustic guitarist.  Justin combines an artful blend of hooks laid on a bed of brilliantly inventive guitar technique, bridging contemporary and indie/alt folk.

Sunday June 19 at 10:30 am:

"Flowers, Fathers and Festivities"

~ Rev. Antonia Won

It’s time to rejoice! For our last service before the summer, we’ll celebrate Fathers’ Day, Flower Communion, honor our dedicated volunteers and take a peek at this past year in a service of gratitude and merriment.

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