Sunday Service Announcements

March 6:  “Learning to Swim: A Survivor’s Guide to Living in Turbulent Times” ~ Rev. Antonia Won, Minister

March’s theme is “resilience.” We’re used to thinking of people we know who are tough as told about the “pioneers” of this country. It might be time to rethink what resilience looks like.

February 21:  “Beloved Community” ~ Rev. Katie Larsell, Guest Speaker

For Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Beloved Community wasn't a paradise where everyone smiled at each other and no one was angry. It was a community where all belonged. It was a physical and spiritual place where everyone had the opportunity to satisfy their essential needs and achieve their full potential. Everyone. Within that framework people would disagree and would use a fair and just political process to work out their differences. Do we have Beloved Community in Oregon? Find out where we fall short and what is happening statewide with Oregon UU Voices for Justice.

Rev. Katie is a Unitarian Universalist community minister with Eastrose Fellowship Unitarian Universalist in Gresham. A long-time Oregonian, she is excited to lead Oregon UU Voices for Justice — the only statewide UU organization dedicated to connecting congregations for justice work. She began her activism in east Portland—first on the Parkrose school board, and then as the co-chair for a unique community/City of Portland Partnership, the East Portland Action Plan (EPAP). EPAP advocates for equity in East Portland, and brings together neighbors from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds. Currently she serves on the Planning and Sustainability Commission for the City of Portland.


February 28:  “Faithful to the End” ~ Rev. Antonia Won, Minister

We’re not used to speaking of end of life experiences, yet they can be the most spiritually meaningful stories of our lives. Come and hear thoughts and reflections on approaching death, featuring a few stories from our community.

February 14:  “Bold Faith and Brazen Love” ~ Rev. Antonia Won, Minister

Unitarian Universalists used to define themselves by what they were not: not creedal, not Christian, etc. Today’s UUs strive to practice radical love. How’s that going? And what is it?


February 7:  “Getting an ‘F’ in Faith” ~ Rev. Antonia Won, Minister

February's theme is “faith.” Some wrinkle their noses at the idea of faith or choose to pretend it doesn’t exist. Is there danger in this? What does faith mean, and how powerful is it?


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