Sunday Service Announcements

January 3:  “Lessons from Pharoah's Hardening Heart” ~ Rabbi Johanna Gershenson, Guest Speaker

This week's Torah reading, including the first of the ten plagues in Egypt, introduces the notion of Pharoah's hardened heart. What can we learn about the many variables in our life situations that allow us all too often to compromise our integrity?

For Religious Exploration this Sunday all the children will be together in their monthly "in-gathering", talking about new beginnings and the resolutions they can make together to help our community this coming year.

December 27:  “Best Gifts” ~ Rev. Mary Katherine Morn, Guest Speaker

It’s not unusual to hear talk about taking up a “spiritual practice”— a focused way to bring meaning, depth, integrity into our lives.  Even practicing generosity can open up pathways to compassion, connection and joy.  From the Hindu scriptures:  “Do you sense the vast creative power of the universe?  The power that creates all things, sustains all things, and claims them all in the end?  Well, you don’t have to bow down or feel insignificant, because you are part of that power. You are part of the infinite and the eternal, just as you are.” 

No Religious Exploration this Sunday, however childcare will be available for infants and toddlers.

Christmas Eve: Celebration of Light, Music, and Love

Come join us Thursday evening!

5:00  Children and Family Service
5:30  Holiday Treats
6:30  Traditional Service of Carols, Readings, and Candlelight

December 20:  “Winter Celebration” ~ Lay Led Service

Come join us in an interactive intergenerational worship service celebrating the season. Using the "No Rehearse Christmas Pageant", this service will put a Unitarian Universalist spin on the traditional manger story.

December 13:  “Sacred Curiosity” ~ Rev. Antonia Won, Minister

They say curiosity killed the cat but I’d say conformism is a lot more deadly. Creativity is one of Unitarian Universalism’s unsung traditions and central to Unitarian Universalism’s approach to children’s religious exploration. Is it still important today? Is there a prophetic role for creativity and curiosity?

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