Sunday Service Announcements

November 8:  “Fierce Conversations and Amazing Grace”  ~ Rev. Antonia Won, Minister

“Grace” as a word doesn’t have much of a place in the secular world and yet this widely known hymn endures, often used at funerals. For many, the song can call up our most humanizing memories of forgiveness, healing and humility. Such things usually require hard work and difficult conversations. How human can we get?

November 1:  “It Happens”  ~ Rev. Rick Davis, Guest Speaker

We never know what's going to come our way - life has its surprises, unexpected twists and turns for all of us. Yet we do have some significant control that often goes unrecognized. Our UU ancestors did recognize their power and it provides an excellent template for us.

Read the text version from Rev. Davis.

Rev. Richard "Rick" Davis is the minister at UU Congregation of Salem, Oregon.  Rev. Rick and Rev. Antonia are enjoying "pulpit exchange" this week.

Also remember to "Fall back!"  This Sunday marks the end of Daylight Savings Time.  Turn your clocks back one hour before rise 'n' shine Sunday morning.

October 18:  Mission Renewal and the Power of Not Overthinking~ Rev. Antonia Won, Minister

UUFCO has begun a multi-month process of discerning a new mission. How timely is our October them of “renewal”? This morning’s service will set the stage for the day’s congregational workshop as we turn from looking back to imagining our future.

October 25:  “Letting Go”  ~ Rev. Sarah Schurr, Guest Speaker

Rev. Sarah will speak about an ongoing challenge so many of us face in life.  How can we be released from worry and move on?  When do we step forward and renew our dedication to a plan or idea? When do we let go?

Read the text version from Rev. Schurr.

Rev. Sarah Schurr is the minister at West Hills UU Fellowship in Portland.  She has previously served our farthest north UU congregations, in Juneau and Fairbanks Alaska.

October 25 is also the date of our New Member Ceremony, and October’s Greater Community Collection, to be received for the Central Oregon Social Justice Center.

October 11:  “Becoming Ancient Again” ~ Rev. Antonia Won, Minister

This month’s theme is renewal. In our hectic era and fast-changing times, what is it deep within and timeless that we lose touch with? What things of old might we need to reconnect with to be renewed?

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