Sunday Service Announcements

October 11:  “Becoming Ancient Again” ~ Rev. Antonia Won, Minister

This month’s theme is renewal. In our hectic era and fast-changing times, what is it deep within and timeless that we lose touch with? What things of old might we need to reconnect with to be renewed?

October 4:  “Treadmills, Hamster Wheels and Other Distractions” ~ Rev. Antonia Won, Minister

Our culture is dysfunctional when it comes to the emphasis we place on “work”. Even traditional holiday breaks are eroding. What would happen if we as a congregation planned “time-out” for ourselves? What would that look like?

September 27:  “Shame's Redemption” ~ Rev. Antonia Won, Minister

Often the most powerful motives for keeping a promise arises from the guilt or shame of a lesson well learned. Shame is a painful experience and as UUs, avoiding shame is part of our theological history. Does that mean we should exempt ourselves from ever having to face it? Or is it possible to find spiritual wisdom there?

September 20:  “Prophets, Prophecies and Promises” ~ Rev. Antonia Won, Minister

In stormy times, we promise children that things will “be all right”, while prophets often prophesy that things will go wrong. What we promise depends on whose view of the future we listen to, what we hope for, looking ahead, and what we commit to.

September 13:  “The Promise of This Moment” ~ Rev. Antonia Won, Minister

The first day of school, the first kiss, the first baby – we place high hopes and expectations on the changes that our firsts, our beginnings, our new starts represent. Yet many times our new starts are foiled by our patterns and expectations. As summer winds to and end and fall brings a new season and new church calendar, we’ll reflect on our power to meet change hopefully and faithfully.

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