Sunday Service Announcements

August 9:  "The Dances of Universal Peace" ~ Lay-Led Service, Chela Sloper leading

Enjoy worship-in-the-round with the invitation to participate in a gentle form of sacred dance. (Observers welcome, too!) These dances combine sacred phrases from the world's faith traditions, unison singing, and simple movements. All dances will be in English and will be fully taught – no experience necessary.  Our annual picnic follows the service, so the day will be casual, celebratory and fun!

August 2:  “What Moves Us to Make Music?”  ~ Lay-Led

Come join Aaron Coe, Amy Falkenrath, and Debbie Leonard as they discuss music from intellectual and emotional perspectives. This interactive music service will focus on rhythm, harmony, and lyrics and how these come together to impact us as individuals, as a community, and in a worship setting. We will talk about music, meditate to music, be brought closer together through music, and discuss What Moves Us to Make Music?

Read the text versions that were included in this service:  Rhythm, Harmony, Lyrics.

July 26:  Soul Matters: What does it mean to live a life of….?” ~ Lay-Led, a UUFCO Panel

UUFCO is concluding our first year of “Soul Matters,” a theme-based approach to Sunday worship and individual and small group reflection. Four speakers who were part of Soul Matters groups this year will share insights from their Soul Matters experience. We will also have a preview of the Soul Matters themes for the upcoming year. 

July 19:  “Big Scary Lady” ~ Rev. Craig Moro, Guest Speaker

One week after the bloody massacre at Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris, the next edition’s cover depicted the Prophet Muhammad with a tear in his eye, holding a placard that reads; “Je suis Charlie (I am Charlie)”.  Above, a banner reads: “All is forgiven.” 

Is this just another caricature of the Prophet, or does it speak truly of him?  Once upon a time, he had a chance to avenge the bloody killing of one of his own dearest relatives.  How did he respond?  Come find out this Sunday.

July 12:  “The Little Death” ~ Lay-Led:  Marci Wayman, Speaker

Marci explores the meaning and importance of ringing your own bell -- and that, if done daily with all those whom you engage, the freedom and release gained is not only healing and transformative but revolutionary.

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