Sunday Service Announcements

September 6:  “Hiking with Antelope: Saving a Planet” ~ Alice Elshoff, Lay Leader

Three women trek from the Sheldon Antelope Refuge in Nevada and end up at the Hart Mountain Refuge in Oregon, coming home with insights into the adaptations of nature, reflections on why they took this journey, and brimming with inspiration on how we all can exercise our citizenship for the betterment of the planet.  The presentation will highlight poetry and photos of the desert, speaking to our 7th Principle of Unitarian Universalism that affirms our respect for the interdependent web of all existence.

August 30:  "All About Hope" ~ Brenda Jackson of Habitat for Humanity, Guest Speaker

Bend Area Habitat for Humanity and the people in our community who partner with us provide hope, sometimes for the first time, for low income families in need.

August 16:  “Meeting Your Edges: Climbing the Mountain Towards Spiritual Literacy”
Caryl Casbon, Guest Speaker

We will explore the paradoxes we encounter when we step into new experiences and/or our creative lives, and the inner work involved when we come up against our fears, doubts and shadows. We will consider the question: What is spiritual literacy, and how might we learn to read the world through its lens to discover the messages, Grace and Guidance available, everywhere?

Read the text version of Caryl Casbon's message.

Caryl Ann Casbon, NW Poet and Writer, author of: The Everywhere Oracle: A Guided Journey Through Poetry for an Ensouled World, also works as an interfaith minister, spiritual director, and facilitator through the Center for Courage & Renewal leading Circle of Trust© programs for clergy, health care providers, and leaders in education.

August 23:  "The Wisdom of Poet William Stafford" ~ Dennis and Helen Schmidling, Guest Speakers

Beloved Oregon poet and pacifist William Stafford lived and wrote with deep honesty, courage, and attentiveness to human relationships and the natural world. Although he was not a Unitarian Universalist, his work reflects many of the concerns expressed in our UU principles. Dennis and Helen Schmidling, active in the Friends of William Stafford, will share their insights into Stafford’s life and work and lead us in reading some of his poetry.

August 9:  "The Dances of Universal Peace" ~ Lay-Led Service, Chela Sloper leading

Enjoy worship-in-the-round with the invitation to participate in a gentle form of sacred dance. (Observers welcome, too!) These dances combine sacred phrases from the world's faith traditions, unison singing, and simple movements. All dances will be in English and will be fully taught – no experience necessary.  Our annual picnic follows the service, so the day will be casual, celebratory and fun!

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