Sunday Service Announcements

February 19 at 10:30am

"Rebirthing God and our Emerging Spiritual Identity"

Guest Speaker:  Richard Groves

The walls of many formal religious institutions in the West seem to be crumbling. We are too close to this event to see clearly what is emerging to take their place. However, there are clear indications that, as the American mystic Thomas Merton predicted, "Religion of the future will be mystical or won't be at all."   In this talk, world religions professor Richard Groves helps us to consider three key elements that define the emerging spiritual-mystical phenomenon of our times: 1) A Return to Nature, 2) The Cry for Compassionate Justice and 3) Listening to the Wisdom of the Unconscious. The results will encourage, challenge and inspire you.

February 12 at 10:30am

"Reflections in the Mirror: Touchstones and Travels"

Speaker:  Rev. Antonia Won

Knowing who we are is a dialogue we have with ourselves as we travel through life, occasionally circling back to memories and values that anchor us in the present. What gives us strength? What keeps inspiring us? What is revealed in our stories?

February 5 at 10:30am

"Metaphors for Multiculturalism: Mosaics and Melting Pots"

Speaker:  Rev. Antonia Won

This month’s theme is ‘identity,’ a topic that can intrigue us for life, proving it’s indeed a riddle and a mystery! Today, cultural identities take center stage as we contemplate ‘the immigrant’ in religion and in politics. Who’s a stranger? Who’s native? Can we find common ground with our faith neighbors in Central Oregon?  


January 29 at 10:30am

"Saving Our Future, Sustaining Our Covenant"

Speakers:  Rev. Antonia Won with UUFCO member, Michael Carr

A prophecy is a vision of the future. As people of faith, we hold a vision of a better world grounded in liberal values. We seek to realize it through our UUFCO covenant and mission. What does this require of us? How committed are we individuals to our collective vision? What does stewardship really mean? As we launch our annual stewardship initiative, join Rev. Antonia and Michael Carr in exploring the connections between generosity, commitment and hope.


January 22 at 10:30am

"The Only Problem to Solve"

Rev. Cat Cox, Guest Speaker

Whatever challenges exist in our families, community life and the larger world, there is really only one problem to solve: the problem of how we solve problems! Discover the spiritually grounded, covenant-based way of working with different perspectives and strong feelings that opens up solutions that strengthen and unify a community.

Rev. Cat Cox is a UU minister and a consultant to UUFCO leadership

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