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March 5 at 10:30 am: What Does it Mean to be a Community of Risk

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~ Rev. Antonia Won

Risk is not only our theme in March, but is also highlighted on the cover our monthly "Soul Matters" packet.  In our super hero styled culture, we think of risk in both individual and polorized terms -- either exhilarating or terrifying.  What does it mean to be a community of risk?  What do religion and risk have to do with each other?  What's right for me?

March 12 at 10:30am: Up a Creek Without a Paddle

~ Rev. Antonia Won (ASL Interpreter Offered)

When in doubt, find a metaphor! Rev. Antonia riffs on rivers as a favorite muse and spiritual guide in confusing times

March 19 at 10:30am: Crossing Boundaries, Finding Wisdom

~ Guest Speaker: Rev. Katherine Jesch

Exploring Native ways of life can lead to new understandings of solidarity and survival, allowing us to learn much from the wisdom of the original peoples of this land.  In this sermon we'll consider the wisdom gleaned from crossing boundaries into Native cultures

March 26 at 10:30am: The Risks of Principle #4 - and Possibly a Few Others...

~ Rev. Antonia Won (ASL Interpreter Offered)

Principle #4 affirms the free and responsible search for truth and meaning. We are living in a crossed up world where truth and lies, facts and falsehoods and especially fear are being traded for profit - and religion is caught in the middle of it all. As people of a liberal faith tradition, what are we called to in times like this? If we promote tolerance, what is asked of us now?

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