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New Home Preparations for Move-in

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If you’ve driven by our building site recently, then you’ve seen the amazing construction progress. The contractors are still finishing exterior elements and are proceeding with work on the interior.

The Board and new Facilities Cluster committees have also been very busy with move-in planning and preparations so we are ready to occupy our New Home building in late January, 2015.

Christine Walsh, as the Facilities-at-Large Board member, has been helping these teams as they get started.

As part of the UUFCO preparations, the following Facilities Committees have been formed and  they have a set of preparation tasks already underway. Some of these teams could still use additional help – please see the notes below:

  • Janitorial, Chair Bob Barber (*Need 1 or 2 additional members)
  • Management, Chair Grace Kennedy (*Need 1 or 2 additional members to organize recycling)
  • Systems, Chair John Williamson (*Need 1 or 2 additional members)
  • Landscaping, Chair Becky Dobrowski
  • Safety, Chair Don Hartsough
  • Audio/Visual (AV), Chair Aaron Coe
  • Art Integration, Chair Dale Clark
  • Library, Chair Jan Lindeman
  • Kitchen, Chair Tom Wykes
  • Information Technology (IT), Chair Mark Hickman (*Need 1 additional member)

More information about each committee is available at the end of this article.

If you have been waiting for your chance to help get ready to move-in, now is a great time!   As of November 1, there are 89 days remaining prior to our first move-in day.  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you’d like to join any of the new Facilities committees.

Detailed Committee Descriptions:

  • Janitorial:  this committee is researching options about what combination of user, volunteer and contractor cleaning services should be used to keep our New Home clean.  
  • Management:  this group is drafting general operating policies and procedures such as use priorities and guidelines, and rental practices.
  • Systems:  this committee will be training in, then monitoring and providing for the maintenance of our new facility’s operating systems such as heating and air conditioning.
  • Landscaping:  this team is developing a snow plowing contract and will be developing an approach to keep to keep our property and its native landscape looking good.
  • Audio/Visual (AV):  the AV Committee has responsibility for ensuring that sound and image projection support is provided for services and congregational events as well as future rentals.  
  • Art Integration:  this committee will provide for temporary and permanent artwork.  
  • Library and Archives: is organizing and maintaining books and other media for use by the congregation.
  • Kitchen:  is developing procedures for use of the kitchen, including cleaning and routine  maintenance.
  • Information Technology:   will research and recommend an I.T. Services vendor and an internet service provider, and collect requirements for other computers and peripherals needed by staff members.
  • The Safety and Security Committee:  will be responsible for our security system and congregant safety.
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