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Welcome to UUFCO


Welcome to the UUFCO website. It’s our hope that you find helpful information about Unitarian Universalism and this particular congregation among these pages.

For those of you I have not yet met, my name is Antonia - pronounced “anta-KNEE-ah.” I’m fairly new to Bend, hailing from British Columbia. As UUFCO settles into its new home, I’m settling into Bend. Perhaps you are too. We have many recent arrivals in the congregation.

I became a minister because I believe in the power of Unitarian Universalist congregations and liberal religion to heal spirits and change the world. In difficult times, we need to support one another and find inspiration. In good times, we need to reach out to help others and the Earth that is our only home. Either way, standing on the side of love means widening our circles of community, compassion and courage. ‘Spirituality in community’ is important for our wellbeing, a fact now supported by many studies, and its importance may well extend far beyond ourselves.

So what can you expect when you come to a Sunday service?

A congregation’s Sunday services create a heartbeat rhythm that is a foundation or touchstone in people’s lives. At UUFCO, we operate on a basis of ‘shared ministry,’ which means that I work alongside members of the congregation, to create a rich experience of being together. Worship is a place and time of opening to new ways of seeing and being - seeing value where we didn’t before, being restored, renewed, healed, inspired.

I understand worship as ‘worth shaping.’ In my preaching, I aim to interpret contemporary life in ways that make sense and meaning, and bring awareness of the Spirit of Life. The Seven Principles and Six Sources of Unitarian Universalism found here are my guides, and life itself is my muse.

You are welcome to test the waters at UUFCO as often as you wish. No one will pressure you to certain religious beliefs, or to membership. We see ourselves as being called to a way of life rather than a set of beliefs. That way of life is to seek our own truth, to respect others, and to build networks of trust together, despite our differences.

Wishing you peace wherever your journey takes you,

Rev. Antonia Won

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