Frequently Asked Questions

Is there childcare?
Yes! During services and at some events. Enter into Religious Exploration through the glass door to the left and behind you. Go through Sophia Fahs Commons and into the vestibule beyond. Beatrix Potter Childcare is to the left.

Is there a cry room?
Not specifically, but the service is streamed to other spaces within the building. You might want to retreat to the cozy fireside room.

Where are the restrooms? Diaper-changing facilities?
The restrooms are color-coded in blue on the Floor Plan. The main ones are down this hallway. There are also 3 unisex/family restrooms. Diaper changing stations are available in RE, Childcare, and the family bathroom down this hall to the right. All restrooms are totally accessible.

Are assisted listening devices available?
Yes. These are available at the Welcome Table, just inside the entry doors.

How can I find people to carpool with?
Check out the bulletin board on the other side of this wall. There are instructions there and on our website.

What is a welcoming congregation?
This means that we have taken intentional steps to become more welcoming and inclusive of people with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities

Is there someplace that I can smoke?
In one designated place only: Cross the driveway from the entrance and follow the asphalt path to about halfway down the lower parking lot. There’s a sign and ash receptacle there.

Is WiFi accessible?  
Yes: UUGuest. Password: OneSpirit.

Will the building be available for use by members and outside groups?
Yes, after we settle in. We envision our space being a tremendous asset to the community. More information is available on our website.

Are dogs allowed?
Regrettably, no. Except for service dogs.

Why no solar panels?
The building is “solar ready” in that the roof was constructed to hold enough panels to power the whole building,  and conduits are in. Since we couldn’t afford everything at once, we decided to wait on the panels since we can add them later when they are more efficient and cost less.

Who designed the building?
Corey Martin and THA Architecture in Portland.

What are the materials?
Western Red Cedar, inside and out. White oak wood floors. Welded tuff for the walls.

How many square feet?
17,870 sq ft

How many people does the Sanctuary seat?
216 very comfortably, plus 30 on stage. We can also expand into the Gathering Hall through the great doors.    


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