Land Use & Visiting Rules

Applies to UUFCO Construction Site and Surrounding AcreageVisiting

Updated October 7, 2013

On Friday, September 27, 2013, Kirby Nagelhout Construction Company (KNCC) assumed liability for the safety and security of the workers and construction site of UUFCO’s new home.  Unless changed, these rules will be in effect throughout the life of the construction project and until the building is formally turned over and accepted by UUFCO. KNCC has secured the building construction site with a fence to define the construction area and the rules refer to this area.
1.    No one may go inside the construction fence, unless on a prearranged tour.
2.    Visits to the land are allowed outside the fence, but extreme care is required when crossing roads that are used to deliver equipment and material.
3.    Scheduled tours of the construction site within the fence will be arranged for the Congregation at key points in the process. Periodic visits can also be arranged for interested members of the Congregation through Steering Committee members in cooperation with Michael Marino and KNCC. These will most likely take place after 3:30 pm and on weekends.
4.    NHP committees will have pre-arranged tours at relevant times in the process. Protocols are being developed for CTAC visits.
5.    Any visitor inside the fence will be required to wear proper footwear (sturdy work boots or ankle high hiking boots). KNCC has extra vests and hardhats when needed.
6.    Any visitor inside the fence will be required to read a safety manual and sign in before a tour.
7.    In case of a fire on the property, call 911 immediately and then contact Michael Marino.

UUFCO New Home Project Steering Committee (For tours, contact members with asterisks.)
Leslie Koc, Steering Committee Chair* 541-633-0090
Vernon Threlkeld, CTAC Chair* 206-963-2720
Dave MacGurn, Land & Site Chair* 541-388-3007
Dale Clark, Design Committee Chair* 541-977-6768
John Coltman, NHP Finance Committee Chair
Don Hartsough, Capital Campaign Committee Chair
Jerrie Jones, Secretary

Michael Marino, M Marino Consulting, Owners Rep, 541-325-1510

These rules are subject to change. Please check for the most current version.


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