Progress Updates 2014 - January to June

May 16, 2014 Update: Save the Date:  Tour the New Home Site on June 29 at 1:30 pm

The congregation is invited to visit our new home for a tour and an opportunity to sign a beam which will become an integral part of the structure of the building. We won't ever see it again, unless we're in the crawlspace under the roof, but we'll know that each of us was an essential part of the fabric of our New Home.

This will be the first all-congregation event there since breaking ground last fall. The concrete slabs will be in place and framing will have begun, so we'll get a good idea of
each of the spaces. Details to follow in the weeks ahead!

May 8, 2014 Update: Floor Slabs Progress

Work has been focused on getting the under-slab plumbing, electrical, conduits, mechanical boxes, and other small, but necessary items, completed. This week our builders poured slabs in RE, Admin, restrooms, kitchen, and multipurpose room. The building is shaping up! Next week they begin installing radiant heat in the remaining spaces, and will pour those slabs soon. In two weeks KNCC will begin framing and it will be much more exciting to drive or walk by.

March 25, 2014 Update: Trombe walls up in Sanctuary

As you can see in this collection of photos, the sanctuary and RE trombe walls are poured. Be sure to visit the site to see the latest progress but please do follow all the safety rules in the March 13 update below, staying outside the construction fence.  Photos in this set courtesy of Vernon Threlkeld, Grace Kennedy and Dale Clark.

March 13, 2014 Update: Visiting the New Home Site

Do you want to visit our building site?

Construction work has picked up and our building site can be a dangerous place with many hazards, from slippery spots, holes, and obstacles, to large equipment moving about. KNCC tells us that people have been driving in the driveway and wandering around. It is extremely important that we (and our neighbors) stay outside the fence! You can actually see something now from outside. The sanctuary trombe wall has been poured and the curved walls are next.  KNCC is very excited to show everyone the progress but they request you satisfy your curiosity through the following options:

  • You are welcome to walk around the OUTSIDE of the metal fence. Bring binoculars for better viewing. Park on Skyliners or Skyline Ranch Road--not in our driveway.
  • Check the New Home Display on Sundays for a slide show of the previous week's activities.
  • Visit our website to read an update and see slides of recent activity.
  • Participate in a tour that will be arranged after the slabs are poured later this spring. Look for announcements here and on New Home Display.

March 4, 2014 Update: Wall-pouring progresses

KNCC continues to make great progress with the mild weather we have experienced. Several large walls have been poured thus far, including a large trombe wall on the south side of the sanctuary. Enjoy these photos by Grace Kennedy and Vernon Threlkeld with dates between February 16 and 28.

January 22-30, 2014 Update: Stem walls grow higher!

KNCC made good progress on creating the stem walls for our New Home during the recent streak of above-average weather. You can see rooms taking shape for the sanctuary, multipurpose room, and Religious Education (RE) rooms.

January 16, 2014 Update: Weather Aids Concrete Pours, Stemwalls Progressing

With the stretch of unseasonably warm weather, KNCC has been able to make excellent progress on pouring concrete for stemwalls. The pictures below were contributed by Jim Dobrowski, Vernon Threlkeld, and other members of the Construction and Technical Advisory Team.

January 5, 2014 Update:Progress on concrete footings

Kirby Nagelhout Construction Company (KNCC) did their first concrete pour on December 18! The footings extend from the northeast corner of the Sanctuary (at the edge of the Multipurpose room), around the Sanctuary, including the trombe wall on the south side, and the south Gathering space footing. While KNCC poured concrete, the excavator continued digging footings through our Religious Education area.Their plan is to hopscotch around the building, digging, building forms, and installing rebar. The next concrete pour was scheduled for December 31. They keep both the ground and the concrete covered with insulated blankets, and won't pour if the temperatures fall too low.

Slideshow below contains photos from the Dec. 23rd, and December 26th concrete pours. December 23 photos courtesy of Vernon Threlkeld, December 26th photos courtesy of Greg Holmberg (both on the Construction & Technical Advisory Committee.)

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