Usage Information

One of the goals of the New Home Project has been to provide a resource to Bend and Central Oregon for community events and meetings, especially those that have a connection with our congregation’s goals and values.

The UUFCO Board and the Facilities Management Committee are in the process of creating policies and procedures for building usage by UUFCO members and by the broader Central Oregon community.

Two event request forms are available for members in the members’ area of the UUFCO web site.  Requested events need approval after the request is made.  Priority will always be given to events that are directly part of the UUFCO program or ministries. Other events that are non-UUFCO-Program usage will be charged a fee and the number of events permitted will be managed so as not to affect the use of the building for UUFCO programs.

For UUFCO-Program Meetings, please use the UUFCO-Program Room Request Form after you log into the Members Area. This is to be used only for UUFCO-sponsored meetings or events.

For non-UUFCO-Program Usage, please use the Non-UUFCO-Program Usage Room Request Form after you log into the Members Area.

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., our administrator and event manager.

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