Retrenching Years - 1978 to 1990

In the late 1970s the Fellowship's vitality began to lag and membership started to decline. The building became difficult to maintain and eventually was sold. By the early 1980s membership was at an all-time low of five people. Ken Robinson, a retired mill worker, decided to try to revitalize the Fellowship.

The Fellowship used money from the sale of the old building to rent meeting space. It was like starting all over again. The group met twice a month, usually in a discussion group format. Eventually the lay-led group hired local speakers and an occasional UU minister from the Willamette Valley to supplement discussion Sundays.

The Fellowship was a very independent group with a strong humanistic flair that did not really feel connected with the larger Unitarian Universalist movement. Religious Education happened when families with kids joined the group. The Fellowship usually moved every couple of years as rental conditions necessitated. Growth was slow in the 1990s, but by the end of the century the membership had grown to 32 people.

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