Years of New Possibilities - 2006 to 2012

In 2006 Rev. Pupke decided to accept a position as the minister in Richmond, Virginia. A new phase of our Fellowship began with the search to call a permanent, if part-time, minister.

We were fortunate to find Rev. Heather Starr who led us in our commitment to growth as we have moved from a family-sized congregation (20-70 members) to being a pastoral-sized (70-150 members) church, and as we continued to grow towards being a program-sized congregation (150-350) and the voice for liberal religion in Central Oregon.

Since January 2006, we have gathered every Sunday in the shared community space of the beautiful Old Stone Church. In late 2011 we received a generous gift of land and funds for a constructing our own building from an anonymous donor family. The Board of Trustees and the congregation initiated the New Home Project to move forward on the design and construction for our own spiritual home.

In June, 2012 Rev. Starr resigned her position as minister to devote time and energy to her new family.  We hired Rev. Alex Holt as our Interim Minister in August, 2012, at which time he helped us begin a journey of exploration in preparation for occupying our new home.

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