Chela Sloper
Congregational Life Facilitator
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Miscellaneous Information:

Born and raised in San Francisco, Chela completed a Masters of Divinity degree in 1991 but discerned not to become a religious professional.  She enjoys serving the UUFCO congregation as administrator, working "behind the lines" in a supportive capacity.  She likes to quote the insight of an acquaintance years ago, "There are 'career people' and there are 'journey people.'  You, Chela, are a Journey Person." 

Before moving to Bend, Chela spent 16 years leading, providing musical accompaniment for, and co-creating the Dances of Universal Peace in Portland, which broadened her horizons and deepened her spiritual experience. 

Currently her spiritual work focuses on providing live-in care to her mother -- and all the lessons of love and loving that affords -- and co-chairing the Central Oregon Move to Amend affiliate.

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