Virlene Arnold
Music Director, Music Committee (Co-Chair)
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Miscellaneous Information:

Music Director

Virlene Arnold was born in Sacramento and moved to Portland, Oregon, with her parents at the age of 11. Her religious affiliation was Seventh-day Adventist until the age of 14 when she could no longer participate in that belief system.
A great awakening took place at Portland State University when she stumbled into a philosophy class and was exposed to other realms of thought and belief. There was no church affiliation until 1971, when feeling the need for some additional kind of moral guidance for her three children she began attending First Unitarian in Portland. She quickly found her way into the choir where she sang happily for 25 years. Other churches she has been involved with are the congregations in Brewster, MA and Laconia, NH.
Upon returning to the Northwest she and her late husband, Frank Arnold, began attending UUFCO in 2002. A few years later, with the help of Mark Slegers from First Unitarian in Portland, a small group of people got together to form a choir. Virlene has been the Music Director since that time and has enjoyed being part of a growing, dynamic chorus. Other pursuits include tennis, sewing and quilting, her horse and two dogs, and numerous grandchildren. Wherever moves have taken her, she has quickly looked for connection with a UU community and is grateful to have found UUFCO.

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